Friday, September 2, 2011

Aesthetically Industrial - Christchurch

This is a part of Christchurch I rarely talk about - The industrial district. 

The industrial aesthetic and landscape is a new area of fascination and interest for me. My fascination for the English architecture and township goes beyond speaking. From when I was young I had always loved the cosiness of the rural/town/English/bohemian/homely sort of environment. That was a reason why I came to Christchurch - "The England minus the attitude".

In time, though, I came to realise that Christchurch has its fair share of industrial district. And now that my work office has shifted from the uptown high street CBD to Addington/Moorhouse Avenue stark concrete area, I'd better learn to live with it or suffer the agony of existing in a mismatched aesthetic environment!

I took a walk today around the area armed with my crappy mobile phone camera (which I love, though, by the way). Here are a few of my selected shots. 

I have come to appreciate the landscape such as this. The starkness and the functional. Nothing pretty about it. Nothing celebratory about it. Just real. And straight. Bold.

I also find that it compliments the Christchurch's open skies very well. 

And now that I was looking for it, I also found interesting typographic works and signage. A series visual delights made up by Kiwi entrepreneurs attempting to capture your attention in the most interesting manner possible, as you're driving by obediently at a 50k per hour. 

Beautiful is not the right word. The place isn't beautiful. 

I don't know. What's the word? 

Negative spaced?


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