Monday, September 5, 2011

Source Code & Adjustment Bureau

Today was my day off. I still did some emails and some uploading that were work related. But on a scale of a biscuit to a ten course meal (where a work day is a ten course meal), today was a nibble on a good old English Marie biscuit.

I watched Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau with my cousin Sing. Without much expectations.

This is about a man who is part of this covert/new innovative crime fighting experiment where they send the mind of one of their agent into a situation/disaster that has happened already to relive the moments through the source code of a brain cell of a victim, so that they can observe situations unfold and spot the cause.

I know that doesn't make much sense. Even after watching the movie itself, it almost didn't make sense. But it does.

I think the whole movie could be shortened by a significant degree. But it was enjoyable. It makes you appreciate life and the very fact of existence. How fickle life is.

If this was a tennis game, I would complain about exchange of ball back and forth that went on too long - unnecessarily long. But all in all, I would say it has been a good game.

It also makes you wonder about the multi-verse, multi-plane existence. That the arrow of time is not the absolute. What if there is another dimension travelling in a different direction/plane. Or a dimension that has no passage?

Fedora hats. Suited men. English girl. Matt Damon. Urban everyday New York, not overplayed as in all H'wood movies. A movie adaptation of a book.


I didn't know all that when I decided to see it. I thought it was just another Matt Damon flick - like Green Zone, or Bourne Trilogy, amazing as they are.

This is nothing like that. The pace is slow. The story is interesting - not at all action packed.

And no, I wasn't disappointed. I mean it sounds like a terrible letdown. But TAB is a great movie. Probably not appreciated as much as it deserves.

Tell me, what movie can convert a NY hater like me to wanting to see Brooklyn's high buildings gleaming in the late sun, or the Manhattan bridge emerging from the skyline, or the yellow taxis creeping like short tropical caterpillars on grey concrete street?

Ten points to this. 

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