Saturday, July 31, 2010

at the mountains and back again

I just returned from the mountains, the beautiful Southern Alps on a day trip.

The mountains move me all the time.

The snowy slopes of the mountains were pristine with fresh snow. I went for a walk (a trudge actually) while everyone else was sledding and toboganning (anti-social that I am). I love the thought of trudging through fresh snow. No one had disturbed them. I left massive footprints and marks.

And also I tried out the theory of rolling ice gathering strength as they fall, that gives rise to the idea that a small ice ball rolling down a slope can cause an avalanch. Which is ridiculous.

I mean I didn't know it until I tried it today. It looked pathetic to say the least, the way the snow ball tumbled and faded away down the slope.

Educational yes.

Anyway I love the mountain and I shall miss the Southern Alps of New Zealand when I move up to the North Island (which is where Auckland is). I shall also miss the rolling plains of the Canterbury and the cattle and sheep that litter the countryside.

It's just perfect now to sit at the computer and explore music on the Internet. I love tumblr for doing that. Music, design and everything else in between.

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